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Funding Your Dream: Start-Up Finance Strategies with Derick Gant (The 24K Coach)

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Episode notes

Unearth the secrets to financial stability with Derick Gant, a registered investment advisor, acclaimed TEDx speaker, and performance coach. This episode takes a deep dive into Derek's journey to financial stability, focusing on his principle of 'inspired action' and how consistency can lead to long-term success.

Learn how to leverage your existing skills to generate income as an entrepreneur and break through the cultural taboos around money. Get a glimpse of Derick's personal TEDx experiences and the insights he gained from his unique upbringing.

Memorable Quote:
"The path to financial success is paved with strategic investments and controlled expenses." -Derick Gant

Chapter Breakdown:
- (0:00:06) Self Mastery and Inspired Action in Finance
- (0:14:01) Discovering Hidden Income Opportunities
- (0:25:38) TEDx Talks and Taboos

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Listen to Derick’s two TEDx Talks

  1. “To Progress We Must Talk About Money”
  2. “The Fear of Powerlessness”
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