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Unmasking the Strong Black Woman: A Deep Dive into Mental Health and Self-Care

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Episode notes

This riveting episode of our podcast features a profound discussion with Marita Golden, the notable professor, activist, and author behind "The Strong Black Woman: How a Myth Endangers the Physical and Mental Health of Black Women". The episode delves into the strong black woman complex, its profound effect on the black community, the unspoken world of grief endured by black women, and the importance of self-care and mental health. Tune in for a transformative conversation that challenges societal norms and seeks to rewrite the narrative around black women's mental health.

Episode Chapters:
1. Impact of Strong Black Woman Complex (0:00:01)
2. Grieving as a Black Woman (0:12:59)
3. Black Women's Mental Health and Self-Care (0:24:01)

Memorable Quotes:
1. "I told them I can't carry you, I can't carry my anger, I can't carry my hurt. I choose me." - Marita Golden
2. "Black women need to know that Jesus did not give us a burden to carry for the rest of our lives. It's not a right that we need to protect and fight for, to carry the burdens of the nation." - Marita Golden discussing the misconceptions around strength in the black community.

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