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Unbreak Your Heart: Strategies for Overcoming Trauma, Anxiety, and Loss

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Episode notes

Depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are on the rise. Many say our mental health system is broken. In this episode, we delve deep into the realms of mental health with the esteemed therapist and author Clint Callahan. In this episode, we navigate through the treacherous waters of grief and anxiety and discover empowerment through various mental health strategies. Our discussion touches on the impact of societal changes, the broken mental health system in America, and the importance of setting and achieving personal goals through incremental changes.

Memorable Quote:

"Grief is the river that we walk in every day. Sometimes it's ankle-deep, sometimes it feels like it's up over our head." - Clint Callahan

Key Takeaways:

  • - Empathy is crucial in relationships but maintaining one's own mental health is equally important.
  • - The grieving process is deeply personal and non-linear, and societal pressures to 'move on' should not dictate one's healing journey.
  • - America's mental health system needs to rebrand PTSD as a physical injury to the brain to better address and understand trauma.
  • - Achieving goals can be made easier by breaking them down into smaller, manageable actions and maintaining consistency with self-compassion.


-(0:00:02) - Improve Mental Health, Break People-Pleasing
-(0:08:13) - Overcoming Anxiety and Coping With Grief
-(0:12:50) - Overcoming Mental Health Challenges and Grief
-(0:18:26) - Choosing the Heroic Path Through Grief
-(0:22:39) - Grief, Cancer, and People Pleasing
-(0:30:01) - Improving the Broken Mental Health System
-(0:38:12) - Achieving Goals With Small Changes

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Resources mentioned:

Elisabeth Kubler Ross’, M.D. book on Grief and Grieving :