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Breaking the Cycle: Jennifer Hernandez on Overcoming Adversity and Building a Legacy

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Episode notes

This episode features an in-depth conversation with Jennifer Hernandez (@jennifer.bragliahernandez), a top real estate loan officer whose life journey epitomizes resilience and success. Starting from the harsh streets of Chicago, Jennifer overcame a childhood marked by trauma and neglect to rise to stardom in the real estate industry. The interview delves into her transformative journey, exploring themes of forgiveness, self-awareness, and breaking free from limiting beliefs. Through her personal story and the wisdom she imparts, Jennifer provides insights into balancing work and family, the importance of healing from past trauma, and the creation of a legacy that outlives one's lifetime.

Memorable Quotes:
1. "You have to be able to forgive because they didn't know either." – Jennifer Hernandez
2. "What we feed grows, and that is just always going to be a thing." – Jennifer Hernandez

Key Points:
- The importance of recognizing and healing from childhood trauma.
- Overcoming limiting beliefs through self-discipline and faith.
- The significance of setting boundaries between work and family to foster better relationships.
- Jennifer's personal growth through adversity, including the 2008 real estate crash.

Chapter Breakdown:
- (0:00:02) Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Finding Healing
- (0:08:29) Finding Purpose and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
- (0:19:24) Surviving Adversity and Finding Success

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