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Navigating Life After Divorce: Strategies for Healing and Growth With Kelli Calabrese

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Episode notes

Are you ready to embark on an eye-opening journey through the trials of divorce to the shores of personal empowerment? Join us in this heartening episode with divorce recovery and relationships expert Kelly Calabrese, where we uncover the lifelines to thriving post-divorce.

Memorable Quotes: 

- "Divorce is a major life event for a reason because everything in your life usually changes." - Kelly Calabrese

- "Live with intention and enjoy every moment. No regrets. How can we make the best of this day, this moment, this time?" - Dr. mOe Anderson

Key Points: 
- Discover the eight significant strategies for rebuilding life post-divorce.
- Learn about the changing landscape of marriage and divorce and the role of faith in recovery.
- Understand the power of positive thinking and envisioning a brighter future after divorce.
- Explore strategies for fostering resilience in children amidst marital separation.
- Gain insights into the unexpected interest from men in divorce recovery support services.

Chapter Breakdown: 
- (0:00:03) Navigating Divorce Recovery With Kelly Calabrese
- (0:11:03) Divorce Recovery With Faith and Purpose
- (0:17:50) Power of Positive Thinking After Divorce
- (0:26:48) Navigating Divorce and Parenting Strategies
- (0:33:42) Navigating Divorce and Healing Together

Resources Mentioned: 
- American Association of Christian Counselors
- Success Habits of Super Achievers (Book)
- Divorce Care Course

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