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Social Media, Your Kids & Your Pets

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Episode notes

Penny Lancaster joins Emma Barton and Blue Cross Animal Behaviorist, Claire Haynes, to discuss modern family life with pets and why it’s important to read animal behaviour within a family environment. From tips on how to get your children stuck into caring for dogs and cats, to advice on when it’s right to introduce your young family members to new furry friends, this episode has it covered! Delving deeper into the impact that social media trends are having on our pets, Claire, Penny and Emma discuss why it is essential for parents to educate their children on the importance of responsible pet ownership – to ensuring all our four-legged friends are happy and safe. Blue Cross’s Animal Behaviorist Claire Haynes speaks about how positive trends should be more of a focus for viral videos: “Not all animals are suitable to do what you might see online…sometimes it can feel like the social media presence is more important than our relationship with our pets, [but] trust is the most important thing.  “What we'd really like to see is content that promotes the trust we have with our animals, that shows examples of happy animals or dogs doing cool things that make them happy – showing what can be achieved through a positive rewards-based relationship with your dog.”  

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