Planet B: Everything Must Change

Planet B: Kate Aronoff on What America’s Climate Role Should Be

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Episode notes

Climate journalist Kate Aronoff explores the power – and limitations – of the Green New Deal in this extended interview from the Planet B series.

Why are large-scale infrastructure projects seen as pivotal to the political success of any climate strategy? And what would happen if we looked at our infrastructure needs – from housing and energy to water and transport – through the lens of a global Green New Deal?

The author of Overheated talks to Harpreet Kaur Paul about America’s role in the global fight against climate breakdown and why the original New Deal has become such an important touchstone for the movement.

An extract from this interview appears in Planet B: Infrastructure, the third episode of a podcast series made in partnership with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung London.

Produced by Freddie Stuart.
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