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Manchester Road Trip: 2 Meaty, 2 Furious

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Episode notes

In an effort to recapture the magic of our (frankly) unexpectedly magnificent result at Old Trafford in the Carabao Cup, Chris and George attempted to retrace their tyre-treads and summon the power of Tebay.

Unfortunately, this sequel proved to be as uninspired as many Hollywood cash grabs, and our duo returned to the North East with their very damp tails between their very knackered legs. A thorough dissection of Newcastle's FA Cup exit is attempted, but meat-based diversions abound.

As it is, we've got cup fever, and the only prescription is more from The Lasses (TM). Their magnificent comeback win at Wolves maintained their seemingly unstoppable momentum as they prepare for the FAWNL Cup Final at Kenilworth Road.

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