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How Jordan Blair Grew Her Podcast to 350k Downloads Per Month

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In this episode, we chat with Jordan Blair, host of Dreamful Bedtime Stories to learn how she grew her podcast to 350,000 downloads per month.

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Podcast Growth Hacks Learned in This Episode
  • Understand who your listeners are and lean into content fitting that audience. 
    • You might start out with certain assumptions, but don’t be afraid to pivot along the way.
  • Study other podcasts extensively. 
    • Incorporate the elements you like.
    • Remove the things you don’t like.
  • Don’t be afraid to do feed drops or episode drops. 
    • It can increase your download numbers.
    • It keeps your feed consistent, especially on weeks when you’re on break.
    • It helps you build relationships with other podcasters in your niche.
    • Consider charging other podcasters for feed drops in your podcast. 
      • You can charge $40 per CPM.
  • For podcast sponsorships… 
    • If you’re selling baked in ads, consider giving CPM discounts by selling episode bundles.
  • To effectively monetize from fans… 
    • Consistently make it a part of your primary call-to-action.
    • Start a fan monetization strategy early on.
    • Give fan shoutouts on episodes when your fans give support.

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