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How Gillian Tietz Grew Her Podcast By Creating Share Worthy Posts on Instagram

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In this episode, we chat with Gillian Tietz, host of Sober Powered Podcast to learn how she grew her podcast by creating share-worthy posts on Instagram.


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Podcast Growth Hacks Learned in This Episode
  • Go to where your audience hangs out. 
    • A lot of niches have groups on Facebook, Slack, Discord, etc.
    • Join 1 big group, versus many small groups…so you can focus your attention.
    • Join those groups and be helpful there.
    • Reference your episodes for more info on the topic you’re giving insights on.
  • Monetize your podcast by joining a network to sell to larger advertisers 
    • If you do sell ads, do dynamic ad insertion (DAI). This helps you efficiently monetize your back catalog of episodes, versus giving sponsors free ad space, even when their campaign is complete.
    • Giving a 20% revenue split to a network lets you focus on creating a podcast, versus all the work involved with selling podcast ads.
  • Build an Instagram following with the “Sneak Attack” strategy 
    • On your new episode promo posts, don’t lead with the fact that you’re promoting a podcast.
    • Carousels work great to hook viewers and are typically more sharable.
    • Make sure your carousel slides are highly useful, and you can subtly reference an episode on the last slide.

Podcast Resources Mentioned in This Episode