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6 Things You Need to Start Your Podcast (And 6 Things You Don't!)

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Episode notes

Have you been sitting on your podcast idea for months, or years? 

Don’t worry – you're not alone! And most of the time, the thing holding you back is fear. You don’t know where to start, you’ve never used the technology before, or you just don’t think you have enough to say. 

But starting a podcast does not have to be hard. So in this episode I spill some secrets, and reveal the six things you need to start your podcast, and the six things you don’t! 

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Highlights From This Episode 

(00:27) Testing, testing, one two three... 

(02:52) Every podcast starts with a great idea 

(05:27) Video can’t save you now 

(09:00) Podcasts have huge retention 

(11:32) No excuses! 

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