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A Week in the Life of a Podcast Agency Owner

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Episode notes

Running a business is hard! 

I feel your pain. I have been running my own podcast agency since 2016, and I realised that we spend so much time as entrepreneurs chasing our next target that we forget to step back and take stock. 

So this is what this episode is all about. I am going through a week in my life as a business owner. It’s time you also reflect and appreciate everything you do. 

I also tell you a little bit about our new podcast network Emmeline, so if you’re launching a podcast for your business, get in touch and find out how me and my excellent team can help you create, produce and grow your podcast! 


Highlights From This Episode 

(00:26) When life gets busy, we don’t find time to stop! 

(02:06) What have you achieved? 

(06:06) Going global with a new top secret client 

(08:48) Work on your business, not just in it 

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