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The Gap is Getting Wider

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Episode notes

There are millions of podcasts in the world, so what makes yours worth listening to? 

Podcasting is a booming industry, and as it continues to grow that gap in standard between those who take it seriously and those who don’t is getting bigger and bigger. 

The biggest podcasters out there have millions of pounds of at their disposal to produce and promote their shows, so if you think your Anchor-hosted podcast recorded into your laptop mic is going to compete against the big guns, you need to think again! 

If you want a podcast that stands out, you need to think seriously about the equipment you use and the content you create. 

It’s not that scary, it doesn’t need tons of investment, and in this episode I explain the traps you can fall into as an indie podcaster... and how to avoid them! 


Highlights From This Episode 

(00:36) Things are changing fast! 

(01:55) You will NOT be an overnight success 

(03:41) The big players are lying to you 

(06:03) Quick fixes are not for long term success 

(08:38) I want to launch and grow a successful podcast 

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