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How to Avoid Podfade

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Episode notes

Did you know that most podcasts (and I’m talking of over 80% of all podcasts) never make it to ten episodes?! 

The biggest reason for this? The dreaded Podfade. 

It’s a term coined for when you, as a budding podcaster, will start to feel demotivated, when the wind gets knocked out of your sails and podcasting just feels a bit too much like work without the recognition you expected. 

Well here’s the worst kept secret in podcasting: it happens to everyone! 

The minority who know how to beat podfade are the ones who stick it out for the long haul. Don’t let your podcast fade into the 80% - take the five tips I share in this episode and be part of minority! 


Highlights From This Episode 

(01:12) What the heck is podfade? 

(03:29) Plan, plan, and plan some more 

(07:24) Consider working with a professional 

(09:52) Reducing our reliance on social media 

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