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YouTube gives tips for podcasters

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  • Jam — the new platform for sharing and listening to short audio — has started piloting subscriptions. The feature provides a way for listeners to pay a small amount per month to creators to hear their short audio updates, called Jams. Initial pilots include, for $8/month, daily tips for improving your Spanish with TikTok star Patry, or $2/month for Office Hours with Entreprenista: exclusive access to the founders of the Entreprenista female entrepreneur network.



  • Tanner Campbell has signed with Glassbox Media, as one of a set of new shows for the network.
  • Abbie Ruzicka and Frances Harlow are co-founders of Arcana Audio, a new podcast production services and consulting company based in the US and Sweden. They both worked for Gimlet Media.

Podcast News

  • From CBC Podcasts #9 is: The Dose A weekly look at the health news that matters to you. Bestselling author and practicing ER doctor Brian Goldman pulls back the curtain on healthcare, talking to top experts in plain language.
  • Sounds Like A Cult has announced it has moved to the Exactly Right Media Network, and published the trailer to the new season. The show is hosted by Amanda Montell and Isa Medina, who analyze the modern-day “cults” we all follow - the Royal Family, essential oils, or Elon Musk. The show was named a Best Podcast of 2022 by Vulture, Esquire, Wired, and others.
  • New show Place Settings by SAVEUR travels across the U.S. to meet the chefs, farmers, makers, and creatives who are transforming the food space through their unique connection to a place. It's hosted by SAVEUR Executive Editor Alex Redgrave and produced in collaboration with Sonic Union.

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