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82. Recycled – Volume with Matt Bertulli

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Recycling and reducing waste is one of the key ideas we as entrepreneurs need to embrace. Whether it is recycling our content, our ideas or the food we eat, reducing waste is key in today's world where we are producing way more than we can consume. This is entrepreneurship in the 20th century.
If you are an entrepreneur, artist, athlete or creative, one who makes something that didn't exist before, then this is for you
In this volume of The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
I interview Matt Bertulli about ending waste on the planet & about being an impact driven entrepreneur because:

Matt is the Co-Founder & CEO of Pela Case, a very fast growing (mid-8 figures) house of brands focused on creating a waste free future.
He is also the Co-Founder & CEO of Demac Media, one of the top global eCommerce agencies / managed services companies. He started out as a freelance developer 6 years ago and today Demac Media has ~90 employees and ~100 customers which represent north of $6B in global retail sales.
He is the Author of Anything, Anywhere
Matt Bertulli is an entrepreneur of the highest order, a fixer of one of the worlds’ biggest problems … and my friend.

In this episode we speak about:

* The psychology of being an entrepreneur and why its become cool to be a loser.
* The failure muscle every entrepreneur needs to cultivate and work
* Why you got to look closely at who can teach you what and where to find your mentors
* Idolising the Elon Musk's of the world
* Pela Case's mission of creating a waste free future
* Why your recycling efforts are quite useless
* Understanding food waste and how we have started to take our food for granted
* Kiss the Ground … the documentary
* The impact of Plastic WASTE
* How we recycle plastic at the moment
* Lomi – making composting easier and in everyone's kitchen
* Solving the worlds' most meaningful problems

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Bri Seeley, Paula Veiga, Ronsley Vaz, Matt Bertulli, Gino Wickman
Ronsley Vaz  
Previously on the psychology of entrepreneurship.
Bri Seeley  
I can't possibly charge that much. Why not? Other people charge that much? Why can't you charge that much? When I'm presented with an opportunity, the filter through which I pass it through is does this align with that bigger picture vision? If I say yes to this is it bringing me closer to that bigger picture vision. I was so burnt out all the time, because I was constantly focused on external metrics, and I was constantly placing my worth my value my success on things that were outside of my control. This nefarious man, like the brain works and fucked up,