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By Daft Doris

"Previously, on..." is a new series of podcasts aimed at helping you through some of the most complex and brilliant television ever made - hosted by broadcaster Jamie East.

It will, as it’s name suggests - give you a quick recap on your favourite shows, should you be confused, lost or even simply got distracted and now "it’s been 6 months and can you really be bothered to start the whole thing again and anyway your boyfriend just admitted he watched two seasons on the train to work without telling you"?

Each episode is short. They're micro-podcasts.

All you need to do is find the episode you’re up to and get the recap.

There’s no fluff or opinion. We're not here to tell you what you should be thinking about the characters or the situations (we might get a bit cross or excited sometimes though) - it’s all "They did this because they needed to get to that place" or "He slept with him because he doesn’t love her and anyway she’s pregnant with that other bloke’s child" etc.

You know what I mean? Think of it as a quick wikipedia update - if you watch my bits on Sky Atlantic’s most excellent show Thronecast - you’ll know what to expect.

It’s a spoiler free podcast, but just be careful you don’t listen to the wrong episode. Each ep only talks about THAT episode, or things that have happened in the past.

Shows covered so far:

Game of Thrones

Big Little Lies

Stranger Things

Peaky Blinders



I'd really appreciate your feedback and support. If you know a fan of the show who needs getting up to speed, please tell them!

Do go and have a listen to Jamie's other podcast - The Daft Doris

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