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[CONTENT WARNING: Hallucinogens & other drugs] After hearing my experiences in Smoke, filmmaker, avid listener and Sexual Adventurer Jason Decker wanted to share his experiences. Those experiences include: the quest for the mind-blowing orgasm; A celebrity lion at Burning Man; and Fear and Quilting in D.C. An episode about drugs, sex and a desert full of hippies. Amongst other things. Stories of queer life and even queer-er sex. Probably True - the repeatedly-award-winning, slightly filthy storytelling project tackling LGBTQ issues in a fun and engaging way. Much like its creator, it’s a smutty-but-charming collection of personal misadventures working to make the world a better place, one silly, sexy story at a time. Support the show on Patreon: Transcripts, submit a story, and all things Probably True: Some fool on Twitter: @ScottFlashheart  

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