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The media is failing queer people: This is how to change it

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Episode notes

Can we tell you how to change the way the media writes about queer lives? It’s a change we need urgently.

From transphobia led by the press, media getting it wrong and regulator Ofcom and the BBC signalling, queer lives are up for debate. It’s a growing pattern that is spilling out onto the streets in the form of rising hate crimes. It’s time for an organisation to fight back. To advocate for us in the media. To show change is possible by commissioning and then supporting the voices who are too often left behind.

Meet QueerAF, our new community interest company that builds on the previous work we've done here as an award-winning podcast. 

Find out how we're going to launch the careers of LGBTQIA+ emerging creatives - with a platform funding content, creatives and mentoring for people from marginalised queer identities - bring back the podcast. And show change in the media is possible.

Or, make it possible. Join us here: https://www.wearequeeraf.com/podcastoffer/

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