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This is just episode one, of QueerAF's new podcast about Monkeypox. it has stories and resources without shame or stigma - "It's what I wish I'd had." Listen to the whole series by searching 'What The Pox?'...

Monkeypox. That’s what What The Pox? is all about - a ‘poxcast’ if you will. Quite a lot of people have got it or had it at this point. I’m one of them. And it was not fun.

When I was home alone with Monkeypox in all kinds of pain, feeling scared and alone I had very little information. So I went online to find help.

And guess what? There wasn’t much official advice.

But I did start talking to all kinds of people: experts, people who’ve had the virus, and to those who see this outbreak as part of a much bigger picture. 

We’ve spoken to those on the frontline of the response, and trying to understand this virus, including at 56 Dean Street, NAM Aidsmap, Prepster, Love Tank, London School of Hygine and Tropical Medicine and many more. It features contributors from the UK and US. 

What The Pox is the information and support I wish I had at my disposal when I was going through Monkeypox.

Monkeypox is spreading worldwide - and for many of us queer people, the response feels a bit too familiar. You see history rarely repeats - but it often rhymes.

Tune in to steal our insight on this virus, what it means for our community and how we should handle it. Together, let's work out just What The Pox? is going on?

Listen to understand:

What we know about the virus, and how it spreads

Why we feel shame and stigma about catching it

What the parallels are with the HIV outbreak in the 80s

Why this sits in a bigger picture with conversations about queer sex and health inequalities

And crucially: What can we do next?

Because before you start listening: I’ll let you in on a secret - we have the tools to manage this outbreak; we’ve just got to use them.

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The first episode is out 7 Sep, 2022.

Let's keep the conversation frank, honest, open and alive. Because, to borrow a phrase, silence = pox.

Hosted by me, Martin Joseph, an award-winning podcaster and comedian. What The Pox? is a QueerAF production.

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