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How can you be single, queer and happy?

Growing up in the 90’s things seemed pretty simple. 


You get to your mid-twenties, find someone you are attracted to who lives in close proximity, get married and live a happy life. But Martin could never relate to any of this because he is gay.


Cut to now, aged 32 and a little jaded by love – he has no desire for marriage or a partner. But can he still be happy?


On today's episode of #QueerAF, he goes on a journey to find happiness and comfort in being single...

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Producer Martin Joeseph

Podcast Producer - ‘Voices With Sally Morgan’ / ‘The Clueless Mum’ – Host - 1/3 Of @realbrunchpod


LGBTQ #QueerAF track of the week:

Girl In Red: Kate’s Not Here

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National Student Pride 2020 

This season is inspired by National Student Pride's themes:

  • Carving out space for womxn in the community
  • Queer Sex
  • Disability
  • Researching the Rainbow (STEM)




We are #QueerAF. And so are you.

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