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Did you make all your Sims gay too? | A brief queer history of gaming

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Episode notes

Did you make all your Sims gay too? This week on #QueerAF, reporter Alice Taplin brings us along on a ride down the Rainbow Road, not on Mario Kart, but on a brief history of queer gaming.   Video games were long considered the territory of straight boys and men, with COD, Fifa, and GTA being the first thing that sprung to people’s imaginations. But with representation across the board having made rapid improvements and the creation of Steam making way for indie games, now everybody and their mum is playing some form of video game. So what does that mean for LGBT+ gay(mers)? We find out.   With thanks to producer Alice Taplin (@alicetaplinish) and guest Chris Fox from Gaymers Inc for guiding us through this week's episode. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Download on Spotfiy and get us on your favourite podcast app – or listen on your desktop with Acast. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy