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Did you get a haircut to work out how to be queer too?

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Episode notes

Does Rosa need to get a queer haircut to feel part of the community? 

That’s what she explores in her university town of Bristol this week on #QueerAF. 

Meeting the towns local queer hairdresser who has been helping trans, non-binary and LGBT+ people feel more at home with the identity they want to show to the world. 

And despite Rosa’s love for her femme, long hair. She wonders after seeing so many people get empowered by having the chop – whether she wants to or should have a queer haircut too. 

Something, by the end of this episode she resolves – for better or worse. 


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Producer Rosa Eaton

Rosa Eaton is the Charles Parker Award winning Radio Producer, Theatre Maker and Artist. Eager to tell true stories, with a special in sex and death. (She/her)



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