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Ranking Teams Who Do & Don't Want the World Cup Break

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Episode notes

With domestic football (mostly) stopping in just a few days time, we take a look at some of the teams who just can't hold back their excitement for a month where they'll get some rest and some time on the training ground; and those teams who will be devastated that their season so far has been put on hold. There's some discussion of new managers, changes of managers, mentality resets, momentum halts and all the rest of it as well.

Things We Love takes the form of players who have recovered from injury in time to play a part at the World Cup, and the celebrations we've seen when individuals get that final call up to play for their nation on the biggest stage; a quick discussion on the glorious madness that was MLS Cup; and Jack's apology for cursing teams in the last couple of weeks.

There's also Melon of the Week, which is handed out to a familiar recipient; and the Gibberish Ranking, which is hosted this week by none other than 4-year-old Ranks Prodigy Dylan Jones, who talks to us about his favourite music artists.

It's Ranks!

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