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Episode notes

The joy of coffee brings roaster, Jose Roberto Alaniz Jr., the owner and operator of Third Day Coffee Seguin to the show. He is a bible believing follower of Christ Jesus, an ardent patriot, and a passionate supporter of our armed services, police, and first responders. He served in the United States Navy, along with serving in the Texas State Guard under the governor of the great state of Texas. Today, he serves the King of Kings wherever the Lord places him.  

Rebecca is overjoyed with discussing the journey of Jose’s road to having a coffee company because of her passion for it. The two talk about where his coffee comes from, how the company was divinely created, combined with the mission is of most importance. By listening closely, you will garner not only ways to expand your own network or develop a new one but an opportunity to engage in a new signature mesquite brew!  

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