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Digital Gaia — A network of AI co-pilots for a regenerative economy

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In this special episode, John chats with Rafael from Digital Gaia, who are focused on utilizing AI technology for the regenerative economy, specifically in agriculture. They are building large-scale land and soil models to help people understand the possible interventions for soil regeneration and creating healthier ecosystems. The discussion covers the issues with the black box AI model, the risks presented by AI, and how it can be reframed as an opportunity to accelerate the transition to a regenerative economy. Digital Gaia is currently fundraising on Gitcoin and is open to collaboration. The team consists of experienced professionals, including Rafael, who worked at Google for six years, and Ned Harvey, the former head of the Rocky Mountain Institute. They are dedicated to rethinking land management, data usage, and incentive structures for a regenerative planet.
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Rafael Kaufmann Nedal  

“Building the brain of the regenerative economy”

00:00 Intro

03:56 what is digital gaia?

05:28 where are we now with AI as a civilization?

10:40 How Digital Gaia is building AI co-Pilots Differtnly?

17:37 Digital Gaia Concept Paper Walkthrough

21:50 Theory of Change, Digital Twins,

29:54 Core lenses of building approach

32:05 Raf’s way of thinking

36:49 Where's Digital Gaia at now and what's next?

41:26 Digital Gaia Explained

52:56 Long term vision

58:00 CTA


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