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Keys to Regeneration with Rene from Celo | ReFi Podcast Bonus Episode

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Episode notes

Join jE in this special bonus episode as he sits down with Rene, the CEO and founder of Celo. They discuss the current state of ReFi following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and its impact on the industry. Delve into Celo's origin story and explore the key interventions needed to ensure a bright future for ReFi. With a focus on unlocking scalable growth and solving real-world problems, this intimate conversation offers a unique perspective on the power of ReFi to make a global impact. Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the leading figures in the space.

Rene Reinsberg
“To all my friends working on bringing web3 to the masses focusing on real-world impact. 2023 is gonna be our year!”

0:00 - Intro
2:32 - Global network state teaser
3:53 - Welcome outline topics
5:54 - How would you describe the state ReFi today?
11:16 - Core ideas of celo’s origin story
21:05 - Key markers/ milestones of the current state of celo’s ecosystem
27:30 - What are the key impediments? what are the interventions we can introduce to see mass adoptions?
29:40 - How to bring this capital into refi and what are the impediments (breaking down each section of capital)
43:28 - What is celo’s strategic direction is in 2023
53:45 - Cello CTA

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