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RECs Renaissance with Arkreen, Jasmine Energy & Reneum Institute

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Episode notes

jE hosts ReFi Podcast's first ever live chat on Twitter Spaces, joined by ReFi pioneers Brianna, Dalton and Karl. With a live audience of 244 listeners from across the ReFi Nation, they take a deep dive into the new world of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

The chat covers:
The history and importance of RECs
Their role in Web3
Capital flow & Liquidity
And much more, see below...

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"Focused on #TheRegeneration. Tokenizing renewable energy to fund the energy transition!"

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"The time to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels for energy is now."

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"If we build it, the planet will regenerate." - Arkreen

Twitter Spaces Guests:


00:00 intro
01:51 Brianna from Reneum
02:25 Dalton from Jasmine
04:12 RECs - Brianna
06:00 History of RECs
07:42 Karl from Arkreen
08:38 Why RECs are important now
10:24 Web3 role in REC market
15:14 Capital flows/Demand
18:46 Bottom layer and monitoring renewable energy
20:20 Liquidity added to markets
20:38 Liquification process
21:54  Voluntary market
22:55 Arkeen's approach to RECs
24:50 Incentivizing prosumers
25:12 Electrifying the economy
27:00 REC Value
29:50 Recs on-chain
33:35 Volume of on-chain supply
35:08 Spaces Q1 from @solarpunkmaxi
41:55 Spaces Q2 from Beltran, @lyricalpolymath
49:48 Spaces Q3 from @solarpunkmaxi
54:16 Spaces CTA from Beltran
58:20 CTA


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