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A Year in ReFi: 2022, with jE, Simar & Frens

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Episode notes

jE and Simar gratefully reflect on 2022, and what a year it has been!In both meeting and working in collaboration with brilliant and ambitious individuals that they have met along the way, uniting with a single purpose, to build a better future for all of nature and humankind, using the emerging tools at the intersection of climate & Web3. Helena from Spirals and Brian from LOA LABS jump on to have a catch up too!
Helena Merk CEO at Spirals
"Spirals makes it easy for any money to work towards climate impact. Rather than holding ETH, you can now hold Green ETH, and rather than holding CELO, you can hold Green CELO."
Brian Truax, CSPO at LOA LABS
"Here you are today, staring down the barrel of 2023. And while the best time to demand the best for and of yourself was years ago, the second best time is right now."
Celo Connect
David Dao from Gain Forest Labs
Gain Forest Labs
Amira from Solana
Ryan from Kleiner Perkins
Dr. Watson from Toucan
Klima DAO
Kevin from Gitcoin
Scott from Gitcoin
Gitcoin Grants
NFT Pivot
Sev from Eco Labs
Eco Labs
Gregory from Regen Network
Regen Network
Luuk from Kolektivo
Michael from Loa Labs
Black Artist Foundation
Real Simple Labs
Climate Collective
ReFi Gratitude NFT
Good Reads:
jE What is ReFi Article
Ministry for the Future
Sacred Economics
00:00 Intro
01:20 Gratefulness
04:24 Belonging
13:17 Past, present & future of ReFi
17:10 Simar, founder to investor
22:30 Relationships of LPs/GPs
23:07 Venture capital perspective
27:37 Brian
30:10 2022 Highlight
31:47 Trials and tribulations
35:28 Togetherness
36:34 Self help practises
39:33 Role in Refi
43:00 Refi Gratitude collection
50:40 Brian's CTA
51:12 Helena
51:43 2022 Highlights
54:50 Personal impact
57:40 Spirals update
58:30 FTX collapse
01:02:30 ETH Denver
01:03:21 Thanks to frens!
Special thanks to all the listeners, Simar, Johnx25bd, Climate collective, Thomas, Lewis and Henry at Feed ignite, Pheadrus, Pranav and Cate.
See you at ETH Denver!
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