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Energy Transition with Brianna from Reneum

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Episode notes

John and Simar are joined by Brianna for a hugely insightful and inspiring conversation about her work at Reneum, which will soon launch a green marketplace that will use the power of #web3 and #blockchain to fund #renewable energy. She shares the background story, future prospects and also the bigger picture of Renewable Energy Certificates and what's needed from all of us for the successful transition to green energy, and so much more...

Mentioned in the show:
92 Rio Summit
Hormesis Therapy
Jasmine energy.

00:00 Intro
03:36 Brianna's Journey
06:40 Transition from Business to ReFi Founder
09:48 Energy Transition and Climate Change
12:46 Claiming Renewable Energy Credit Process
16:50 Monitoring Tools
18:08 Future & Forward
21:05 Explained
23:53 Credit Lifecycle
28:15 Primary vs Secondary Market
31:00 Where's Reneum at and future roadmap
31:58 Incoming Beta Market place 
41:05 Inner journey and staying well
44:10 Giving People their Agency Back
46:30 Projection to 2030
50:20 Fitting into the Big Picture
54:15 CTA for renewable Energy

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