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By Beckie Taylor

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Reframe Women in Tech is on a mission to make personal development accessible to all. In this podcast, host and founder of Reframe Women in Tech Conferences, Beckie Taylor will chat with the women in tech community to reframe the narrative around women in technology. She'll be shattering stereotypes, challenging biases and amplifying the voices of amazing women in the industry.

You’ll hear from the remarkable women shaping the tech industry and the male allies who stand beside them.

You might be a woman navigating the tech world, searching for your next role; or a forward-thinking company eager to create a better environment for your employees.

Whoever you are, our podcast has something for you. So, join us on this incredible journey as we dive into the diverse and dynamic world of tech. Together, let's Reframe It.

Each episode is an empowering listen with a practical slant as we share insights and advice from our guests which can be accessed after the show through our free download Podnotes.

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