56 | Pastor Mick Fleming & Sarah Frankel

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Episode notes

Pastor Mick Fleming ("aka El Bish") runs the Church on the Street in Burnley, which does incredible work helping those living in poverty. But it's a far cry from where Mick began. In this episode, Mick and his sister Sarah (collectively known as 'Flembos') talk about their sibling journey from playing out happily on the backstreets, to sudden tragedy and trauma to a life marred by violence and crime, before finding faith and freedom together. It's a rollercoaster of a tale which has attracted interest from the Prince and Princess of Wales - who wrote a foreword to Mick's book 'Blown Away' - and now Netflix, who are reportedly talking about adapting his life story for the screen. The episode also talks about the power of a mother's love and the value of a good old practical joke.

TW: contains account of sexual assault and death. It also mentions guns and violence and references drug use.

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