Renoites LIVE - Brad Bynum of Elephant Rifle and Reno News & Review

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Episode notes

This episode was recorded live at Black Rabbit Mead in Reno, Nevada on May 11, 2023.

On this episode of Renoites, recorded live at Black Rabbit Mead, we welcomed Brad Bynum, lead singer of the local band Elephant Rifle and former Editor of the Reno News & Review. Elephant Rifle has a new album out now and an album release show at The Holland Project on Saturday May 20.

We talked about the history of the band and Brad's connection to music, why Reno as a mid-size city allows for collaboration between artists of different genres, representing the biggest little city while on the road touring, ways to fund arts and culture, the importance of alt weekly newspapers for local journalism and events, Brad's wild days of pants-off dance-offs during the early days of trivia at Sierra Tap House, and many of us used the Q&A portion to shout out our moms for all they do.

Happy mothers day, moms!

You can find Elephant Rifle downloads, merch, and tour information on their website at and be sure to check out their album release show if you're able, on Saturday 5/11 at The Holland Project!

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