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Episode notes

This episode of Renoites was recorded in front of a live audience at Black Rabbit Mead Company in Reno, Nevada on March 30, 2023.

Every year, hundreds of bicyclists race around Reno and the surrounding area, in a 24-hour scavenger hunt and party called Scaly Cat. Challenges range from the intensely physical (ride from Reno to Virginia City to Tahoe and back) to the wild and ridiculous (mayonnaise wrestling is mentioned in this episode), with hundreds of challenges for various points. Bribes and rule-breaking are encouraged.

This episode is was recorded with a live audience at Black Rabbit Mead Company, and features members of the very large winning team from last year's Scally Cat (I think about 15 on stage). They're now in charge of organizing the 2023 event, which will take place on May 5, from noon until noon.

We talked about the history of the event, Reno as a great city for bikes and bike culture, wild stories from years past, other bike events like Reno Bike Night, plans for this year (the theme is Scalleycamp), and much more! Thanks to all who attended in the audience and thank you for listening!

Renoites will be returning in a few weeks with more new episodes and really great guests! And please come to the next Renoites LIVE episode tapings at Black Rabbit Mead:

Wednesday, April 26 - with Reno Improv

Thursday, May 11 - with Brad Bynum of the band Elephant Rifle and former editor of the Reno News and Review

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This episode was produced by Conor McQuivey and Ember Braun