Renoites LIVE - Tim Mahoney and Annie Saunders on Reno Improv

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Episode notes

This episode of Renoites was recorded in front of a live audience at Black Rabbit Mead Company in Reno, Nevada on April 26, 2023

Being able to improvise is a fundamental skill for working in comedy or entertainment, but is also incredibly valuable just for going about our day to day lives. Being able to think on our feet and be creative serves us in our jobs and social lives whether we call it "improv" or not.

On this week's episode of Renoites, we welcome Tim Mahoney and Annie Saunders, both from Reno Improv. Reno Improv is a non-profit improv theater located in the Wells Avenue neighborhood, featuring shows, workshops, classes, and drop-in opportunities for Northern Nevadans to explore and enjoy the art of improvisation.

In front of a live audience at Black Rabbit Mead in the brewery district of Reno, we talked about the different forms of improv, what makes a good audience suggestion for improv games (and what doesn't), how improv abilities can help us in our day to day lives, the difference between "fear of public speaking" and "fear of public pretending," and much more!

Plus, we took audience questions and finished the episode with some improv games on stage! The live audience got to enjoy several more improv games after the taping, so make sure you attend the next Renoites LIVE event to get the full experience! The next live episode is with Brad Bynum of the band Elephant Rifle, on Thursday May 11!

You can learn more about Reno Improv including upcoming shows and classes at their website,

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