Brian Sandoval on the University of Nevada, Reno

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Episode notes

In 2020, the University of Nevada, Reno selected as the new president of the university the former Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval. Sandoval grew up in Sparks, attended UNR, and has spent most of his career in various political roles, including in the state legislature, as attorney general, as a federal judge, and for 2 terms as governor (from 2011-2019).

As Reno continues to grow, UNR and the surrounding area will have significant impacts on job opportunities for graduates, student and staff housing and affordability, business development and attracting industry to Northern Nevada, the urban landscape and walkability in and around downtown, and much more.

On this week's episode of Renoites, President Sandoval joined us for a conversation about his experience in politics and what has driven him to pursue the positions he's held in government, a recent visit to the university from our current governor, Joe Lombardo, the Wolf Pack Digital Initiative launched during COVID to bring new technology to students and faculty, transitioning from his previous roles in electoral politics to his current role at the university, working to develop a more cohesive "university district," the role Nevada can play in greener energy production, and much much more!

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