Michael Moberly on Beverage Innovation and the Bartending Trade

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Episode notes

Last time Michael Moberly was a guest on Renoites, it was the middle of the COVID pandemic and we talked about Reno's bar environment and history, especially in the midtown area. Michael has been a bartender and spirits educator for well over a decade in the Reno area.

On this week's episode, Michael returns to the podcast to talk about his new role with Monin Gourmet Flavorings, the largest family-owned company in that industry, with a huge production and distribution facility right here in Northern Nevada.

We talked about being an ambassador for Reno, developing skills in whatever industry you work to build expertise, how bartending has become more inclusive, the ability to make a career as a bartender, the differences between Reno and Las Vegas cocktail bars (and why Reno is better), the recent decision not to allow a cannabis lounge in Northern Nevada, non-alcoholic beverages and sobriety, what is going on in Spanish Springs as many people are moving to the area but not spending much time inside the McCarran loop, and a whole lot more!

This episode was recorded on-site at Monin's facility in Sparks, Nevada. 

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