Scarred For Life / Episode 92: Rachel Reeves and The X-Files Episode "Syzygy" (3.13, 1996)

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Episode notes

This week we're talking music, film scores and horror with writer and vinyl lover Rachel Reeves! Rachel gives us some of her favorite horror scores, we talk about the way scores might have changed in recent years, and we talk about her writing at places like Consequence of Sound, Rue Morgue, Vehlinggo and others. Then she takes us back to 1996 and her introduction to The X-Files with the season 3, episode 13 "Syzygy." We talk America's Most Wanted, creepy garage doors, queer coding, all while trying to pronounce syzygy.

Follow Rachel's work on Twitter, Rue Morgue, Consequence of Sound and Vehlinggo. See her interview with the composer Clark about his work on Lisey's Story here and her interview with Patricia Day of the HorrorPops here.

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