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55: How to Release the Pressure Valve with Nicole Culver

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Episode notes

Do you ever feel a huge amount of pressure that is so intense, you feel like you might combust under the weight of it? 

I have as well, which is why I am introducing you today to one of my mentors to talk about this exact topic and what it takes to release that pressure valve on yourself.

In this conversation, Nicole Culver talks about the pivotal moments that taught her to prioritize her own values, which led to her launching her business and growing her own way for the past decade-plus.

Don’t miss out on the conversations about fear of failure and how to become more resilient in life and entrepreneurship.

The TOP Learnings in this episode: 

  • How to achieve big goals and dreams by taking simple steps (14:15)
  • Handling pressure by diffusing rather than diagnosing (18:41)
  • Embracing imperfection and letting go of pressure (22:04)
  • Encouraging self-worth and growth through embracing failure and practice (24:19)

Transforming the approach to evergreen sales, Nicole Culver, CEO of Elevate, empowers founders with the strategy, tools and mindset needed to have wildly profitable fun businesses so they can be cycle breakers. Using her savvy as a master mindset coach and former teacher, she advocates a revolution in work-life balance, making full-time income achievable on part-time hours. Committed to her mantra "Life gets to be so good," Nicole empowers her clients to make their dreams a reality. Away from the hustle, she's a coffee-loving mom of three, cherishing every moment of her journey.

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