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53: The MAIN block to making fast, powerful decisions

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Episode notes

Do you struggle with being decisive, and not only that, feeling confident about decisions once you make them?

But this episode is all about what is REALLY happening when you hem and haw over a decision, and second-guess yourself. 

Join Nicole in this minisode as she talks about her own experience with indecision, and how she stepped into a powerful place around decision-making. 

The TOP Learnings in this episode: 

  • What you really learn when you make quick decisions (04:40)
  • Creating easeful systems for decision-making (6:16)
  • Unpacking the distinction between "choice" and "decision" (06:46)
  • Reclaiming a sense of freedom when an unexpected challenge crops up (10:00)
  • The importance of taking action after you make a decision (11:37)

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