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54: 7 Things I Learned in a Year of Podcasting

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Episode notes

For today’s episode, I reflect back on a year of one of the boldest projects I’ve ever taken on — launching a podcast! 

I can’t think of any other project that has required more self-worth than taking on the identity of podcaster!

I had so much fun putting this one together for all of you, and assembling all the expansion and learning that came from an intuitive nudge to start a podcast.

And, tune in to hear what the most unexpected lesson I had in this year of podcasting.

The TOP Learnings in this episode: 

  • Leaning into your intuitive hits (3:58)
  • The deep well of creativity the podcast generated (10:01)
  • The value of pacing yourself (13:45)
  • The power of the podcasting medium and communicating through my own voice (22:09)

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