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SAW III (with writer Leigh Whannell) | Pulling out all the stops

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Seeing Saw is back to cover the third film in the Saw series and bid a heartfelt farewell to Jigsaw (surely we won’t see him again…). In this episode Catherine, Charlie and Anna discuss the merits of Jigsaw’s philosophy, the impact of Shawnee Smith’s iconic performance as Amanda Young and the mechanics of what makes the pig vat trap so gruesome. We also welcome the man who helped bring Jigsaw into the world, writer of Saw, Leigh Whannell.


Welcome to Seeing Saw: Official Spiral Podcast, the show that traps listeners in a classroom that’s dedicated to the world of Saw, but will make sure they can still get out alive. 


Film critics and Saw fans Catherine Bray, Anna Bogutskaya and Charlie Shackleton are navigating their way through the puzzlingly brilliant film series that changed horror films forever, as they prepare for the latest entry in the series Spiral: From the Book of Saw. 


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