BLM Raised fist salute, origins & manifestations - Guest, Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign Artist, Nicola Green

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In this episode I take you through the origins and manifestations of the raised fist salute, which has more recently been associated with the BLM movement. We move on to my conversation with Nicola Green, the artist behind the work ‘In Seven Days’ - a series created from her unprecedented artistic access to Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign trial. Nicola Green is renowned for gaining access to iconic personalities from the worlds of politics, religion, and culture, including collaborations with Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama. In 2008 Nicola Green gained artistic access to Obama’s Presidential campaign. She had a front row seat to historic events: from Obama’s DNC nomination speech to Inauguration, Nicola was behind-the-scenes taking photographs, making sketches, and having conversations with press, staff and citizens. I spoke with Nicola about the process of creating this series, and she shares how her own multi race and faith family influences her work. Inspired by her own mixed-heritage and multi-faith family, she creates and preserves religious, social, and cultural heritage for future generations. Recording these events as they happen, and investing thousands of hours of academic and artistic research, she builds and curates substantial archives. In Seven Days is in the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery - The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Library of Congress, Washington D.C; and in both the International Slavery Museum and The Walker Art Gallery, in Liverpool Shade is produced and hosted by Lou Mensah Please support this work by becoming a Shade Patron Full season music is composed by Brian Jackson Mixing & sound design CA Davis Thank you Kloris for supporting Shade Podcast Season Four Sign up to Shade Patreon (for as little as £1 monthly) to receive your Kloris gift New and existing patrons, simply message Shade privately on social media, along with your address, to claim your gift! Support for this episode comes from Convergence at the South London Gallery

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