Season 4 Finale - Art futures & BLM - In conversation with The White Pube

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Art futures & BLM in conversation with The White Pube The White Pube is the collaborative identity of art critics Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad. They return as guests to talk about the positive changes they saw and those they hope for in the Arts, as a result of the BLM uprisings. @tate_united  @riotgames  @mark.leckey  @swarzymacaly  @thewagaduchronicles  @theresnosignal @creativedebuts  @cubitt_gallery  @languidhands I also share my thoughts on the season and our shared Shade community Shade is produced and hosted by Lou Mensah Please support this work by becoming a Shade Patron Full season music is composed by Brian Jackson Mixing & sound design CA Davis Thank you Kloris for supporting Shade Podcast Season Four Sign up to Shade Patreon (for as little as £1 monthly) to receive your Kloris gift New and existing patrons, simply message Shade privately on social media, along with your address, to claim your gift Support for this episode comes from Convergence at the South London Gallery

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