Ep 3: Involving young people in learning and evaluation

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Episode notes

One of the ways youth organisations can ensure that their work is aligned with the priorities of young people is to actively involve them in their learning and evaluation processes - to ensure that their feedback informs the way their programmes and services are adapted. 

We spoke to: 

  • Dave Close, Director of Hot Chocolate Trust 
  • Jeni Stephens, Youth Work Manager at Carefree Cornwall
  • Sarah Rose, a Social Purpose Consultant and part of the Collective Discovery team
  • Kate Russell, Head of Programmes and Network at the Foyer Federation

This episode is part of our first series which builds on Collective Discovery’s work as Learning Partner of the Listening Fund. 

You can find all of the Listening Fund’s resources, including blogs and practice papers on a range of topics here. You can also follow the Fund on X @listeningfund.

A series overview, more information on our guests, and additional resources on each topic can be found in the shownotes

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