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'Where are you my love? We're looking for you': The aftermath of the Turkey-Syria earthquakes

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Episode notes

Thousands of people have died after two devastating earthquakes caused widespread destruction in Turkey and Syria. As the World Health Organization warns casualties could exceed 20,000, aftershocks, freezing temperatures and damaged roads are hampering efforts to reach and rescue those affected.

On the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson joins Sky News correspondent Yousra Elbagir, who is in Gaziantep, a city in southern Turkey near the epicentre of the first earthquake, and speaks to Islamic Relief worker Mohammed Hamza in northwest Syria about the additional challenges faced by aid workers in a war zone.

Warning: This podcast contains graphic descriptions of the aftermath of the earthquakes throughout. You may prefer to skip over the descriptions of grieving relatives between 2.50 and 5.20 minutes, and 9.25 and 12.40 minutes.

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