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Ditch perfection and create connection with Lisa Braithwaite

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Ditch perfection and create connection with Lisa Braithwaite

Do you seek a more human connection with your in-person and remote audiences? Do you feel like you're holding yourself back from fully expressing yourself onstage? Do you hope to make a powerful impact and move your participants into action? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Lisa Braithwaite is here for you! Lisa Braithwaite is a speaking coach, trainer and author who started her speaking career more than 40 years ago at high school speech tournaments, presenting her controversial topic of “Brown Bag Lunches.”  More recent achievements include publishing her first course on LinkedIn Learning and discovering that her speaker superpower is instantly and magically recovering from presentation mishaps.

When she’s not working with her coaching and training clients, she can be found cooking, eating, reading about cooking and eating, or managing her cats’ Instagram account. (See show notes!) Lisa shares her tips for ditching perfection and creating connection.

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