Stealing Victory

EP7 - The Prize (Finale)

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Episode notes

The season's final episode.

After months of digging, Tom is on the verge of solving the five decade mystery of who stole the Jules Rimet trophy.

However, can he get the evidence to prove Sidney Cugullere was the thief?

To do so he must delve into London’s criminal underworld where we hear stories of torture, axe attacks and gang warfare.

He tracks down some of the people who were closest to the villains involved in the 1966 heist and uncovers the fullest ever account of how the World Cup was stolen and then recovered, taking us from a coal bunker in Luton to the tropical beaches of Brazil.

Auddy presents Stealing Victory - an original production

Investigating reporter and presenter, Tom Pettifor
Theme Music by Nick Reynolds and Edward Rose
Title music by Guy Farley
Series Producer, Zak Brophy
Sound Designer, Norman Goodman
Executive Editor, Owen Bennett-Jones
Executive Producer, Andrew Sampson

Special thanks to the Daily Mirror, London.