Stealing Victory

EP5 - A firm within a firm

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Episode notes

The police caught a man in a sting operation as he tried to collect a ransom and then two days later the trophy was found by Pickles. But how did it get onto the driveway of a suburban South London street? "They did some kind of deal behind the scenes to say look, if you can get the cup back we will shorten your sentence. So I think my father probably acted as a go between the authorities - in this case the police, the FA and the government - and the thieves.

Auddy presents Stealing Victory - an original production

Investigating reporter and presenter, Tom Pettifor
Theme Music by Nick Reynolds and Edward Rose
Titlel music by Guy Farley
Series Producer, Zak Brophy
Sound Designer, Norman Goodman
Executive Editor, Owen Bennett-Jones
Executive Producer, Andrew Sampson

Special thanks to the Daily Mirror, London.