Straight Outta Cobham: A show about Chelsea

Chelsea's Wembley curse continues while Emma Hayes' side stun Barcelona

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Episode notes

They really, really, really, really, really don't like winning at Wembley...

Matt Davies-Adams has got Liam Twomey and Luke Bosher along for the ride as we reflect on the latest cup disappointment following the narrow 1-0 defeat by Man City on Saturday. There's a mega full-time voice note from Liam and Simon Johnson live from the ground - before our more considered reflections and thoughts on where the Blues managed to fall just short once again...

There's no time to dwell with a big trip to Arsenal on Tuesday night. We preview that game and ponder how Mauricio Pochettino will be able to get a tune out of the squad with a run of tricky fixtures to come before the end of this topsy turvy campaign.

We repeat - thank goodness for CFCW! Jessy Parker Humphrey's sends us a dispatch after their glorious 1-0 UWCL semi-final first leg victory out in Barcelona.

We'll be back on Thursday to look back on events at the Emirates and look ahead to the women's HUGE Champions League second leg at the Bridge and the trip to Villa Park in the Premier League.

HOST: Matt Davies-Adams

WITH: Luke Bosher & Liam Twomey

PRODUCER: Lucy Oliva

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